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Appeal for donations

||Sri Mahaganapathy Sahayam||
||Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya||  

With the blessings of elders and the divine grace of the Holy seers of Ahobhilam Mutt and Kanchi Kamakothi peetham, the Festival Committee of the Adithyapuram Gopalakrishna Swami Temple in Melamuri, Palghat District, Kerala, are pleased to announce the divine Jeernoddharana Ashtabandhana Maha Kumbhabhishekham, on 4th May 2020.
This heritage temple, dates back to 700 years, a rare one of its kind and definitely worth visiting. The presiding deity is called "Kalinga Mardhana Gopalakrishna Swamy". The Lord, in His bala-roopam, can be seen plafully stamping on the five-hooded serpent with His right leg and a handful of butter on His right hand. The quote,"Dushta Nigraham Shishta Pripaalanam" is the true essence of this divine form. It means the destruction of evil and protection of good. In this Kaliyuga, everyone has a mix of good and evil. So this quote is apt, as it is the inner battle of good over evil that we all have to fight everyday in our lives.
This temple has evidenced severe wear and tear, through the passage of time. Consultations with tantric and vedic scholars established the urgent need for action. And this laid the foundations for our resolve to conduct this spiritual event with several preceding works to be completed in the entire temple.
The community of families hailing from this ancient village, including those who have migrated to other cities in India and abroad, have been highly supportive, to this day. Construction of a beautiful 2-storeyed Gopuram (before the dhwajasthambam) is in full swing.
The last two Kumbhabhishekams were held in 1991 and 2007. The one in 2020 will be a milestone as for the first time, the temple is being rennovated to this scale, perhaps since several hundred years. The spiritual energy of the temple will be restored to its original glory, through a series of vedic and tantric rituals. The temple re-furbishment and development will ensure that this structure stands the test of time for the next few hundred years. The current temple structure is mainly build using wood. A decision was taken to re-construct the temple rooftop using original 304-stainless steel fabricated roof frames, covered with teak-wood panels. These will in turn will be overlaid with self-locking square copper sheets. This composite layering will maintain the temperature inside the temple and cover approximately 2200 squarefeet. There will also be wood paneling , mural paintings inside and around the temple as necessary, with full granite flooring.
The temple has a tiny Vinayaka Sannidhi, that was built in time for the last Kumbhabhishekam in 2007. However, a limitation with this structure is that it obstructs the view of the devotees and also makes it inconvenient to the priest to stand outside this sannidhi to perform daily pooja and rituals, blocking the view for devotees. The plan is to now re-cosntruct a wider sannidhi with steps at an elevated level in full granite for housing Lord Vinayaka. The priest/s can also now peacefully sit and perform their daily pooja and rituals without having to stand for long hours.
Obviously, it is not cheap to undertake such large scale projects in this day and age. However, by the grace of God, existing work has never stopped till date due to paucity of funds.

Having said that, the funds are still not sufficient to meet the budgeted expenses for this big event The total of all re-development works and the operational expenses for the series of vedic and cultural programmes last week of April 2020 to 4th of May is in excess of INR 2 crores (approx US $ 300,000).

Hence, our humble appeal to all devotees of Lord Krishna, is to come forward and generously contribute for the revival of this beautiful heritage temple and help us in conducting a grand event in May 2020. Hari Om!

| Loka Samastha Sukhino Bhavantu |

His Holiness, Sri Ranganatha Yatheendra Mahadesikan - 46th Azhagiyasingar of the Ahobila Mutt

Donation details

Donations are welcome from all Kirshna devotees living anywhere around the world.  For those living in India, donations can be made either by cheque or bank transfer to:
"Devaswom Festival Committee"
UCO Bank, Palghat Branch
Market Road, Palghat - 678014
IFSC: UCBA0000760
A/C #: 07600100002612

Now devotees from all over the world can make their contributions via PayPal. Simply Click the red button below for your donation, as your token of support to this divine event.