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Kumbhabhishekham Core Committee

The main vision of the Temple Trustees and Managing Committee is to ensure due diligence in all activities in the run-up to the "Mahakumbhabhishekham" scheduled for May 2020.  This covers project planning, organising, fund-raising, marketing, procurement, execution, finance, communication and reporting across (a) temple infrastructure building and rennovation works, (b) religious and cultural programmes, (c) decorations, annadhaanam. This is a 'mahasankalpam' and requires a lot of selfless and sustained effort. To achieve this, the Committee is made up of two main pillars, Core and Outstation :

Core Committee includes key office bearers like the Chairman, President, General Secretary/Organiser, Vice Presidents, Finance controller and Organising Committee. This is further bolstered with an Advisory Board, members, Auditors and the Thanthri/ Priests/ Acharyas. A Youth wing is also in place to infuse enthusiasm and creativity in the entire event. The resident core committee is accountable for ensuring the overall execution and success of this event.

The Core committe is also overseeing the day-to-day affiairs of the the temple to ensure sustainability of the temple through fulfilment of seva and services availed online by devotees.

Key office bearers from core committee:



Secretary and Financial Controller


General Secretary


Outstation Committee

Oustation Committee / Co-ordinating Committee - consists of President, Vice-Presidents and Secretaries to mainly drive fund-raising through various city-circle members from key metros like Kerala, Coimbatore, Hyderabad, Bengaluru, Chennai, Mumbai and Delhi. The Outstaion committee also liaises with a group of overseas members who assume a shared responsibility of raising funds from international circles

Rest of India 

Rest of India

Rest of India

Online team

Responsible for driving awareness of this heritage temple to devotees from around the world. Sustainability of the ongoing temple activities through revenues streams generated from the online seva & shop 

Dinesh Ramanan
 Overseas President  

M S Ganapathy
Head - Digital and Technology Support